The purpose of the church nursery is to provide a safe and professional space for babies and toddlers (up to age 2) during the worship service where regular attendees, members and visitors can feel confident that they are leaving their child(ren) in competent and caring hands. 

General Guidelines:

1. No more than two adults (aged over 16) should be in the nursery at one time (with the exception of nursing mothers).

2. Parents volunteering in the nursery should not bring older children with them.

For Parents:

1. The nursery is for babies newborn through 2 years of age.

2. For the health of all, we ask that babies running a fever or with cold symptoms (such as coughing or runny nose) not be left in the nursery.

3. When dropping off your child, if you have any diaper bags, snacks, or other items, please let the volunteer know so she can label them properly.

4. Additional notes, such as allergies, allowable snacks, or times for feeding, can be added to the nursery sign in sheet.

5. Volunteers will text parents if they are needed during the service, so all visitors will be asked to include a cell number on the sign in sheet. Member and regular visitor numbers are already listed in a permanent spot.

6. When picking up your child, please make sure that you collect all belongings, and be cognizant of the possibility of nursing mothers in the nursery area.

For Volunteers:

1. All nursery volunteers have undergone and passed a background check. Standards and parameters of the background check process can be found in the document “Nursery Volunteer Background Check.”

2. There will always be two volunteers assigned to serve together. This ensures that there will always be enough hands to help, and will ensure the safety of children and accountability to standards and guidelines.

3. Volunteers should arrive five to ten minutes before the start of the worship service in order to relieve the Sunday School worker.

4. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to check these places and take note of the days she is scheduled to assist.

5. It is also the nursery volunteer’s responsibility to find a substitute from the list of volunteers when she is unable to serve in the nursery.

Please contact Christi Boyle if you have any questions at