Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God by learning to live and give the Gospel as a loving Covenant Community of God's Grace and Truth.
We fulfill his mission as we "Reach" in the following three directions:

UP-REACH: Praising and Praying

A. Vital congregational worship as weekly covenant renewal that …

  • Exalts the Lord as we gather in His Special Presence (cf. Matthew 18:20)
  • Edifies the saints by prayerful use of the Means of Grace
  • Evangelizes everyone by plainly declaring the Good News of Christ

B. Anointed pastoral preaching is central to vital congregational worship

  • Sermons must be faithful to the whole Bible.
  • Sermons must be centered on Christ and suffused with the Gospel, not only to engage and convert the lost, but to transform the saved into the image of Christ.
  • Sermons must be relevant for the daily life of the Christ-follower as well as speak to the heart of the lost.

C. Communion is the sacramental climax of weekly covenant renewal (gluten free bread is provided).

D. Music in worship must exalt God and edify the saints.

  • Singing to the Lord, joyful exuberance and excellence, the psalms, and the best of past and present hymns and praise songs.

E. Kingdom-focused intercession and supplication, calling upon God, Who alone can supply the spiritual vitality for fruitful kingdom living.

IN-REACH: Loving and Learning

A. Fruitful body life is necessary for a healthy congregation

  • Love, the chief grace of Christ-followers, must be expressed in word and deed
  • Members are gifted by God to be stewards of the grace of God and must be mobilized to discover, develop, and deploy their spiritual gifts(s) in some role, task, or ministry.

B. Jesus says discipleship is realized by teaching members to observe all He has commanded (Matthew 28:20), so effective Christian education is mandatory.

OUT-REACH: In Word and Deed

A. For the church to be truly “missional” the congregation must be encouraged, trained and mobilized to believe, love, live, and give the gospel to their FRANs (friends, relatives, associates, neighbors), and the church provide regular events to which to invite them to build relational bridges.

B. The congregation also must participate in the wider mission enterprise in supporting church planting in cooperation with other churches in Cherokee County, NW Georgia Presbytery, and other parts of the nation and world.

C. The congregation must be reaching out in deed through diaconate-led mercy ministries to the lost and least as well as the saints, with focus on establishing relationships that facilitate rendering a hand-up rather than merely a hand-out.